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Read Interview with Emma Minter, owner and CEO of Extreme Hair.

Emma Minter

CEO - Extreme Hair

As a qualified hair stylist Emma Minter gained her experience in Sydney and overseas salons. After 12 years she decided to open her own salon in 2006 and add her own touch of magic with a twist of style and edge - Extreme Hair!.



Q: What have you learnt from running your own salons?


After running my own salons for almost 10 years I know the importance of putting together great team of professionals that give our clientele what they need.

Q: How do you keep your clients coming back?

Our staff are highly trained in all aspects of hair from basic styling to advanced cutting techniques. We all attend workshops and receive continual training to teach us the latest trends, tips and techniques to keep us moving with the world of today.

What is the secret of Extreme Style?


The key to great style is a thorough consultation and this is part of our Extreme Service. We work with our clients to design a style that works.


This involves working closely with our clients to consider factors such as:
• Face shape
• Texture
• Style & Product


What do people enjoy most about the Extreme Experience?


Extreme Hair offers a relaxed atmosphere to make your experience more pleasurable and enjoyable, so you can switch off and escape the outside world.


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Thank you once again Ashley, love my hair!

Mary Biddlecombe

thanks to Extreme Hair for my new hairdo :)

Terrie Parsons